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It`s a brand promotion, SEO, content marketing and contact building solution for anyone who is serious about getting noticed online and offline.

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Featured past:- 13th Mar 2017 - Travel - Main show to talk about, `L.A. - Rick`
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Featured past:- 5th Jan 2017 - Travel - Main show to talk about, `Krakow Adam`
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Featured past:- 5th Jan 2017 - Travel - Main show to talk about, `Thailand - Ebs`
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Featured past:- 5th Jan 2017 - Travel - Main show to talk about, `Cruise - Eddie`
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EASY TO USE has been designed from the ground up to be easy to use. Whether you are a reluctant computer user or a tech lover, you`ll find the following features make all the difference.

  • A system which shows what you need to do next.
  • No technical jargon, or if there is, it`s explained.
  • Extensive support options. Live support buttons all over the place with priority for paid members.
  • Step by step `marketing campaign` guides to explain more about what you are doing.
  • Live video lessons with feedback on your campaigns
  • Tuition from professional communicators (including national media professionals and marketing people with real world success)


  • Extensive options to pass the bits you don`t want to do, over to us!
  • Why?

  • is a technique and system which makes high end online marketing campaigns possible for anyone.

  • It`s also a powerful system for podcasters, traditional media producers and their guests.

  • As search engines get tougher on traditional search engine marketing techniques, we focus on `content marketing` which is becoming the most important way of attracting search engine traffic


  • Learn proven social media techniques which we used to build a massive audience and still use today.


  • Generate content which gets people talking about YOU beyond the internet


    The techniques this website uses, were used to create an online show which has now been viewed more than 2/3rds million times.

    You`ll learn the same things, the same techniques and same processes as you use them.

    It`ll go beyond that too. With powerful automated tools we`ll also cut the workload dramatically to a few minutes a week.

    We`ll also be boosting your websites attractiveness to search engines.

    At the end of the day, if you do what the website teaches, you will have a massive online presence, whether it is to achieve business sales, branding or a campaigning objective.

    Try it now.

    For media outlets offers a media guest database WITHOUT THE RISK

  • A wealth of new guests
  • A reputation engine which shows who is worth talking to BEFORE you even make contact

  • To use it, simply sign up now. The basic usage level is free.

    BECOME AN `in-demand` MEDIA GUEST

    Learn how to be an `in-demand` media guest

  • Videos to watch and LIVE training hosted by real world media professionals passing on the tips and tricks they use
  • Learn how to tailor your message to the media and get across what you want to say, while giving them what they need
  • Learn how to promote your 'expertise'
  • All training uses the system to learn in real time, to ensure you get real world results as you spread your message

  • Whether it's for personal reasons, to promote your expertise or for corporate communications.

    Become an in-demand media guest by clicking here.

    ABOUT:- How does this website work? is system and set of techniques to help anyone run a high end online marketing campaign which works.

    It works on a number of levels. Today content really is king. It not only attracts people but it also attracts search engines. Both are essential if you want to have any success online. makes the generation of media content easy, benefitting both established broadcasters and businesses or campaigners looking to market themselves online.

    For established media and guests it's a powerful tool. Many media outlets these days are lacking the funds to do what they really want to do. allows them to book knowledgeable guests with the minimum of fuss and effort. A reputation score allows them to book people with much less risk than the past as you can see if people are worth talking to before contacting them.

    People wanting to be media guests set up one media profile which manages all their interview requests. This automatically allows them to be matched with outlets who need guests at particular times and needs.

    But, it's not just established media and guests who can use this.

    It`s also very much for business people, campaigners or people wanting to promote their own expertise. They can set up their own online media outlet with the minimum of fuss, gaining a following and a massive online presence to get their message across.

    One of the problems for business media is that it often performs very badly. Today`s audience is very fickle. Simply by using you`ll generate content which people want to hear, follow and share with their contacts and friends. To make sure that happens, we also include media training with real world media professionals. then is the ultimate solution to the modern era of media marketing, media programming, social media promotion, SEO and traditional media appearances. © 2013 London, United Kingdom. email:
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